The Big Test is the only Irish website that allows you to play various educational, multiple-choice tests for free in order to raise money to purchase life saving seeds that are used by farmers in Africa. You get smart. Lifesaving seeds are donated for every correct answer. This happens at no cost to you!

The Big Test has two goals:

1. Provide a free educational resource for Irish adults and children.

If you’re a primary school student you may want to improve your basic multiplication. A secondary school student may want to revise for an upcoming Chemistry test. Perhaps you may just want to brush up on your English Vocabulary or practice for your upcoming drving test. Keep coming back. We’re just getting started and will be adding more and more categories and subjects. No matter who you are, improving your education can have a huge impact on your life. We are always looking for feedback and to add new categories to the site. If you are a teacher or feel you could supply questions for a particular topic it would be great to here from you!

2. Generate life saving crops for free.

Every time you get a question correct our generous sponsor pays for the lifesaving seeds that your correct answers generate. All seeds generated are used by Self Help Africa to produce crops that save lives. Somewhere in the world someone is benefiting from the lifesaving crops that you generated through this website. Thank you.

The Big Test is 100% non profit. Many highly experienced teachers and contributors continue to supply content to the website. If you are interesting in supplying questions please contact us.

If you would like to offer feedback, suggest a category or just say hello please get in touch.